I have lost track of the amount of times I have attempted to keep a blog.

I have deleted, rebuilt and then re-deleted numerous times. I won’t lie I am a liability then it comes to being remotely consistent in any part of my life – So if you are reading this I apologise in advance.

What can you expect from me?

I’m Leslie. Im currently far to old to have a blog but far to young to moan about being old. I have two dogs, Bodie and Lily, who no doubt will feature as my life revolves around them.

I work in a Gym as a Design and Brand coordinator and spend my days with my head in all things Adobe Creative cloud. Working in a gym means I go quite a bit, expect #bootaygains and #girlswholift to be spewed all over the place. I am about 6 months into this so I am sure the novelty of lifting heavy things will wear off shortly.

I’m captain for Pudsey Ladies Hockey Club, I love it. I’m usually broken and battered after a game but I live for that sh*t. My Team are some of the most amazing ladies I have had the pleasure to share bruises with.

Also doing my Personal Training certification…Well trying so you’ll get many blog posts about how I have no idea what I am doing. #woop

What this blog won’t give you. 

Advice – Seriously, I am 28, single, I enjoy red wine far to often, I live with two dogs and my house mate (she’s also lovely). I have no life lessons to teach and no wisdom to depart. Google is huge – he’s big on advice, ask him.

Make up and beauty posts – I am literally the biggest tomboy going. No I can’t contour my face nor can i apply the perfect winged eyeliner, if you want smudgy eyes I am your girl.


If nothing else, this blog is for me. Happy days if you stumble across it and have a laugh but I will live with or without shinning reviews and invites to prestigious blogger events. 🙂

L x