Hey…I know what you think that means…I have failed my new years res already…

Suck a fat one! I am SMASHING them!

You know I might have mentioned applying for my masters degree at Leeds Beckett Uni? You know the Strategic & Digital Marketing MSc? Yer… you know! We’ll within a few hours of receiving an email telling me my application had been received, my email notification pinged again.

I had THREE, not one but THREE, UNCONDITIONAL offers for the courses i applied to.

I applied full time and part time to Strat & Digi but i also applied part time to Project management and Marketing.  So, as you can imagine I was giddy as fcuk. Giddy then turned into panic at the prospect of another year or three (depending on the one I chose) and being poor and working my butt off with no sleep and long hours at work and uni. SO like most girls, when I panic I rang my old man.

There is no easy way to make these kind of decisions, especially when you are me. I don’t take risks, I am driven by money and being financially stable (by stable I mean I can eat and I have a roof over mine and the dogs heads) and I am scared of just about anything out of the ordinary in my life. Dad being Dad had nothing but praise and positive thoughts for me. But part time or full?

Part time means three years and juggling hockey and work and trying to find time to study. Full time means I will be skint and financially vulnerable, but it means 1 year (8/9 months of uni and back into the world of being an adult. It would also mean giving up my job, which despite it being hardwork I love! I live the people, the day to day and I love how creative it lets me be.  See my predicament?

Having spent the best part of 3 days thinking about it non-stop, weighing up my job options, the stress, the hours at uni and the duration of each course, I made my decision.


As of September the 18th I will be a Uni student again. Strategic & Digital Marketing – Here I bloody come!

1 year wins over three. Full time means I don’t have to give up hockey and I can work a part time or flexible 0 hour contract job around Uni. (I already have several lined up just incase) I am under no illusion it’s going to suck major amounts of D**k but some sacrifices are worth the pain. I am hopeful work may be able to keep me as part time or even freelance but at the end of the day this qualification will put me a step closer to where I want to be in my career and as much as i love what I do now it’s a risk i’ll have to take.

So one resolution down.

A half hearted gym week last week but a gym week none the less! Food prepped for the week and gym bag packed means resolution number two is still on the up.

So yes…Life is scaring me but ima just ride the wave for now. 😀

L x