So 2016 is over…I think we can all breathe a small sigh or release.
What a F**king year? I swear the world lost it’s sh*t last year. (Last year, that sounds good I can get used to that).

I’d sit here and write about the amazing people, famous and otherwise we lost this year , Brexit, the USA elections…I mean come on, what the actual Fcuk happened? But in all honesty 2016 has had its day and I am ready to put it to bed.

I am not usually one for buzzing about new year and getting all giddy about new years resolutions, in fact I am normally in the camp that laughs at all the “new year, new me” bullsh*tters. BUT this year I have gone over to the dark side.  Not just because it’s New year, so much has come to a head in the last few months and I have decided I need more from my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in a bad place and if anything I’m pretty fortunate to have he people in my life that I do. My dogs, my mates, my family and my team. I have a roof over my head and (a little) food in my cupboards so really I should be grateful… Well, screw you it’s my life and if I want to be greedy I will be, so suck it up cupcake. Year of the 317537!

Back to Uni

I have submitted my application to Leeds Beckett University for my masters degree. I haven’t been accepted (yet) but I am pretty hopefully i’ll get onto the course. It’s part time so means i’ll be squeezing it in around work and hockey, but in three years I could potentially have a Masters Degree in Strategic & Digital Marketing. Yeeeeerrrr boi!

Back to the Gym

Next up. Food and the gym. This body needs an overhaul. I am 28 now and it’s slowly dawning on me that I can’t eat cold pizza for breakfast and get away with it anymore. With a few months effort last year I managed to drop a stone and feel loads better. However Christmas happened and so did a broken toe (yes legit excuse!) so it’s been a lazy fat end of the year.

Food prepped and gym back packed for the morning. I am already swearing at my 6am alarm , but hey dogs to walk and fat to burn. 😀 I’m sure i’ll get some photo updates on here at some point – post christmas, white body is a no go without something better to compare it to!

Wish me luck.