So tomorrow is Monday. Why?

I am pretty sure i’ve had longer showers then this weekend. Why have you gone by so damn fast?

Don’t get me wrong I bloody love my job, even when it’s stressful I love it. I work with great people and I essentially get to spend all day being creative BUT and it’s a big, ass BUT  – I love my weekends more.

Weekends mean, lay ins, Hockey matches, drinks and food. They mean chilling out and not getting dressed if i so wish. Weekends are spent mooching about or doing things for me, and yes like I am just that selfish. My weekends are for me.

Weekdays mean, early starts, Dog walks before work, which are rarely uneventful – Lily is pretty antisocial with other dogs (No idea where she gets it). Weekdays mean dragging my weekend binged body to the gym. Weekdays mean not being able to spend 40+ minutes stalking people on instagram. Week days mean working my arse off to get everything I need done so I can chill the fu*k out on a weekend.

All I am saying is that this weekend was too short and my working week seems to be a little to long.

All in favour of of a 3 day weekend and a four day week say “aye”…