As marketers, we know better than most, some things just never come to fruition… take Google Glass for example, great product – not so great return on investment! We see new “gimmicks” weekly, hear buzz words daily and our judgement, for better or worse, instantly makes a decision on the validity of the concept – its ok, you aren’t alone, we all do this. It’s time to stop and take stock just this once and ask yourself: “So, what is this ‘revolutionary’ way of marketing?”


There is no shortage of definitions as to what Marketing Programmatic (MP) is and thankfully most of these definitions are in agreement. Officially, Tim Elkington, the Research and Strategy Director of IAB UK, states that “Programmatic trading is the use of automated systems and processes to buy and sell inventory. This includes, but is not limited to, trading that uses real time bidding auctions.” (IAB UK, 2017).

Marketing Land, (2018) however looks more specifically at the marketing and advertising description of MP – they suggest it to be a function that “automates the decision-making process of media buying” continuing to say that this is done though segmentation and targeting online.

A more simplified version perhaps, but equally as helpful; “Where ads are bought like products on Amazon” (, 2013). This offers a much easier to comprehend idea of what MP is and is supported by other authors and academics who state that MP is all about buying advertising space automatically while using data driven programs to select and pay for these spaces. (Kulblock, n.d as cited in Rogers, 2017).

To anyone who’s doesn’t reside full time in the digital world, who doesn’t get a kick out of AI, or abbreviations such as “RTB” and words like “algorithms” Marketing Programmatic is essentially; digital segmentation on Steroids often using real time buying thrown in for good measure. (Cadreon. n.d. ) MP gives us the opportunity to significantly increase our advertising reach, while targeting segments we choose, via their own social feeds, websites they choose to visit and it’s even reportedly venturing into television. (Gilbert, 2017).


Marketing Programmatic is by no means a new idea, it’s first use was in 1994 on a website called “Hotwired”- because of it was so different, it superseded most people’s expectations (Rajeck, 2015) with a 44% click though rate. (Morrissey, 2013). Today, most of these advert range from between 0.01% and 0.07% CTR depending on the placement and the type of display media used (Chaffey, 2017).

Marketing programmatic has been here for years but it’s only really come under the microscope since 2013, only now is it becoming something we all want to get behind – why you ask? ROMI is increasing year on year, in 2015 $14.88 Billion of the digital advertising spend ($58.6B) was predicted which was an increase of $5 billion from 2014’s numbers. (Kantrowitz, 2015).


The chances are you have probably seen it without knowing what it was, any time you head over to a news website or you use a search engine, the chances are you’ll have seen the adverts like the example below: This is programmatic marketing.

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 09.49.09Fig1. Screenshot of linked in and Jobsite advert January 2018

 This is a prime example of how MP could be a game changer for the digital marketing world. While on LinkedIn earlier today I noticed the advertisement on the right-hand side of the webpage. This means nothing to anyone who doesn’t know that the author or this blog is currently working towards her Marketing Masters Degree, she is also planning on moving to Essex upon completion and that by trade she is freelance graphic Designer. Some would say “spooky”, others in the know would say “where do I sign up to marketing programming?!”.


Contrary to popular belief, MP not the boogie man of digital Marketing, come to steal away all the digital marketing or advertising jobs while we sleep (Gilbert, 2017), it is not the end of manual processes and finally it is not “just like Google AdWords”. With all new terms there is always some confusion, what does it do? How will it affect me? Isn’t it just X plus Y? Let’s clear up a few things:



“Technology has always changed the landscape of human labour, regardless of people’s enthusiasm, anxiety or resistance.”

(Gilbert, 2017)

Marketing Programmatic, like many new technologies is still very young as a marketing device, although the first mention of it was the late 1990’s, it started making headway towards 2007 (Rayport, 2015). It is still a little unknown and though many marketers recognise the need for a level of involvement a recent survey showed that only 38% of the participant asked stated they were unsure as to how digital ads were used within their companies or that they simply did not use MP. (Sullivan, L. (2017).  The job market will change and so along with it our roles within marketing, however, it is still a new area and there will also be the need for experts in digital fields – for example Cramer (2017) uses the example of being a particularly successful “Media Buyer” you are likely to still be head hunted for your skills in the future”.



It’s easy to understand why this connection has been made. Google AdWords, as its name suggests – is a paid advert positioned within search results on google and listed with a yellow “Ad” reference to the left or the hyperlinked text – displaying it as an add.

Marketing programmatic has been describes as the next level. MP is able to cope with data from campaigns, traffic conversions, monitor behaviour, bid and assess the best place to put your ad, what time and who should see it, often in real time. (, 2017).


  1. JOBS WILL CHANGE: and the demand for lower level jobs will decrease over time (Jobs 2017 as cited by Bort, 2017), it’s not a case of losing out to a robot, it’s a case of growing with the demand and adapting to the situation. This type of automation will necessitate the need for different job skills and different job titles in the future.
  2. RTB is only an advantage if you understand how to use it. Real time bidding is synonymous with Marketing Programmatic most of the time. If you do not have the skill set to understand the technology you do not gain more advantaged. (Dufouler, 2017 as cited in Rogers, 2017).


  1. EVERYBODY WINS: Publishers sell space to brands via a supply side platform while brands, organisations etc. are using a demand side platform and deciding how much to invest into marketing programmatic, creating shared value for all involved. (Rogers, 2017).
  1. IT GOES A STEP BEYOND RETARGETING: Marketing programmatic offers marketers the opportunity to analyse the data they receive and use it to find more markets to advertise to (Rogers, 2017), essentially in terms of Ansoff’s growth matrix you are now opening up the field of market penetration to a whole new level. (Richardson et al,. 2015).


Marketing Programmatic has been branded, by some academics as the future; not just of advertising but marketing as a whole. (Rayport, 2015). Its major plus points sit within mobile marketing programmatic. Statistics support that click through rate on a tablet and mobile phone is significantly higher than that of desktops. (Shields, 2014).


Fig.2. Forecast of smartphone user numbers in the UK from 2015 to 2022 in Millions. (Statista, 2017).

With this in mind it’s important to consider the sheer number of predicted growth for smart phone users and what this means for Marketing programmatic in the years up to 2022. It’s possible to surmise that more users means more potential reach.

MP could also mean marketing budget increases. Google has discussed the likelihood of 60% of their digital marketing budget being allocated to programmatic by the end of 2018 alongside other major organisations like P&G in the USA. (Joyce, 2014). They aren’t alone, it’s been reported that in 2016 programmatic spend grew by 71% – meaning it grew “faster than all other digital media including social (25%) and online video (20%)”. (Roderick, 2017).

It’s time to embrace change and delve a little deeper.


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Hey…I know what you think that means…I have failed my new years res already…

Suck a fat one! I am SMASHING them!

You know I might have mentioned applying for my masters degree at Leeds Beckett Uni? You know the Strategic & Digital Marketing MSc? Yer… you know! We’ll within a few hours of receiving an email telling me my application had been received, my email notification pinged again.

I had THREE, not one but THREE, UNCONDITIONAL offers for the courses i applied to.

I applied full time and part time to Strat & Digi but i also applied part time to Project management and Marketing.  So, as you can imagine I was giddy as fcuk. Giddy then turned into panic at the prospect of another year or three (depending on the one I chose) and being poor and working my butt off with no sleep and long hours at work and uni. SO like most girls, when I panic I rang my old man.

There is no easy way to make these kind of decisions, especially when you are me. I don’t take risks, I am driven by money and being financially stable (by stable I mean I can eat and I have a roof over mine and the dogs heads) and I am scared of just about anything out of the ordinary in my life. Dad being Dad had nothing but praise and positive thoughts for me. But part time or full?

Part time means three years and juggling hockey and work and trying to find time to study. Full time means I will be skint and financially vulnerable, but it means 1 year (8/9 months of uni and back into the world of being an adult. It would also mean giving up my job, which despite it being hardwork I love! I live the people, the day to day and I love how creative it lets me be.  See my predicament?

Having spent the best part of 3 days thinking about it non-stop, weighing up my job options, the stress, the hours at uni and the duration of each course, I made my decision.


As of September the 18th I will be a Uni student again. Strategic & Digital Marketing – Here I bloody come!

1 year wins over three. Full time means I don’t have to give up hockey and I can work a part time or flexible 0 hour contract job around Uni. (I already have several lined up just incase) I am under no illusion it’s going to suck major amounts of D**k but some sacrifices are worth the pain. I am hopeful work may be able to keep me as part time or even freelance but at the end of the day this qualification will put me a step closer to where I want to be in my career and as much as i love what I do now it’s a risk i’ll have to take.

So one resolution down.

A half hearted gym week last week but a gym week none the less! Food prepped for the week and gym bag packed means resolution number two is still on the up.

So yes…Life is scaring me but ima just ride the wave for now. 😀

L x


2017 – What You Sayin?

So 2016 is over…I think we can all breathe a small sigh or release.
What a F**king year? I swear the world lost it’s sh*t last year. (Last year, that sounds good I can get used to that).

I’d sit here and write about the amazing people, famous and otherwise we lost this year , Brexit, the USA elections…I mean come on, what the actual Fcuk happened? But in all honesty 2016 has had its day and I am ready to put it to bed.

I am not usually one for buzzing about new year and getting all giddy about new years resolutions, in fact I am normally in the camp that laughs at all the “new year, new me” bullsh*tters. BUT this year I have gone over to the dark side.  Not just because it’s New year, so much has come to a head in the last few months and I have decided I need more from my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not in a bad place and if anything I’m pretty fortunate to have he people in my life that I do. My dogs, my mates, my family and my team. I have a roof over my head and (a little) food in my cupboards so really I should be grateful… Well, screw you it’s my life and if I want to be greedy I will be, so suck it up cupcake. Year of the 317537!

Back to Uni

I have submitted my application to Leeds Beckett University for my masters degree. I haven’t been accepted (yet) but I am pretty hopefully i’ll get onto the course. It’s part time so means i’ll be squeezing it in around work and hockey, but in three years I could potentially have a Masters Degree in Strategic & Digital Marketing. Yeeeeerrrr boi!

Back to the Gym

Next up. Food and the gym. This body needs an overhaul. I am 28 now and it’s slowly dawning on me that I can’t eat cold pizza for breakfast and get away with it anymore. With a few months effort last year I managed to drop a stone and feel loads better. However Christmas happened and so did a broken toe (yes legit excuse!) so it’s been a lazy fat end of the year.

Food prepped and gym back packed for the morning. I am already swearing at my 6am alarm , but hey dogs to walk and fat to burn. 😀 I’m sure i’ll get some photo updates on here at some point – post christmas, white body is a no go without something better to compare it to!

Wish me luck.






So tomorrow is Monday. Why?

I am pretty sure i’ve had longer showers then this weekend. Why have you gone by so damn fast?

Don’t get me wrong I bloody love my job, even when it’s stressful I love it. I work with great people and I essentially get to spend all day being creative BUT and it’s a big, ass BUT  – I love my weekends more.

Weekends mean, lay ins, Hockey matches, drinks and food. They mean chilling out and not getting dressed if i so wish. Weekends are spent mooching about or doing things for me, and yes like I am just that selfish. My weekends are for me.

Weekdays mean, early starts, Dog walks before work, which are rarely uneventful – Lily is pretty antisocial with other dogs (No idea where she gets it). Weekdays mean dragging my weekend binged body to the gym. Weekdays mean not being able to spend 40+ minutes stalking people on instagram. Week days mean working my arse off to get everything I need done so I can chill the fu*k out on a weekend.

All I am saying is that this weekend was too short and my working week seems to be a little to long.

All in favour of of a 3 day weekend and a four day week say “aye”…




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